Explenetions to our Mission:

What is 4.0?
All developed countries are moving from the Industrial Society to the Value-based Society. In Thailand this Value-based Society is called 4.0.
The change is huge. It affects everything in the society. In future every employee must have the skill to think and solve problems. A big challenge to the education system. We try to create a model, how poor countryside children can get the skills needed.

What is a HERO?
Based on our four year study about what kind of caracters should children have to be successful in 4.0, we found 4 key features:
H = Healthy (both physically and mentally).
E = Experienced (students remember 5% of what is lectured but 80% of what they have experienced!) > learning-by-doing.
R = Responsible (Only by being responsible you can win trust. Lack of trust leads to a society where everything must be controlled = Thailand today).
O = Open-minded (Today people see only problems. We want the new generation to see also opportunities wich is a must in change).

What are the 21st Century Skills?
To be successful in 4.0 Society, the HEROs need very different kind of skills than in the Industrial Society. The Skills are:
Critical Thinking Skills (the most important skill correlated with brain development, which starts already when mother is pregnant)
Creative Skills (creativity is correlated to seeing opportunities)
Collaboration Skills (new solutions can mainly be found only by working in teams)
Communication Skills (good things doesn't matter if you don't have the skill to communicate them)
Career and Life Skills (a successful career needs normally planning and the family have a big responsibility in teaching Life Skills).

What does Zero-to-Hero mean?
Our child-developing program starts when the child is born (0) and lasts until the child is 18. At that time he/she should be a HERO with the needed skills.

HERO School
Is based on three major elements: 1) Project based Learning 2) e-Learning 3) Coach-led Dialogues.
The Thai government schools are far away from this model today, which means there is a long way to go step-by-step.
In order to be successful at school, the child's brains (cognitive skills) must be well developed. This is called school readyness (B in picture).

HERO Pre-School
Is meant for children from 0 to 6 years old. It is based on a learning experience by play. HERO Pre-School is based on 4 main elements:
1. Baby Club > Babies meet twice a week together with thei parents/grandparents in our Club in order to develop skills with our 3 teachers.
2. FinnScope Kindergarten > based on a combination of HighScope and Finnish Early Childhood Development concepts. An excellent model to educate.
3. Moomin English > a unique way for 3,4 and 5 years old childen to learn English in spoken and written while developing thinking skills at the same time
4. Parent School > Without support from parents/grandparents we will never be able to develop HEROs.
ECD-assessment > We are developing an assessment system to measure, how we have succeeded in relation to children who are not in our program.

1/10 -rule
According to research, if it takes one effort to make a toddler to learn something, it takes 10 efforts to learn the same thing later in life. This means that HERO Pre-School is extremely important to secure a good future for the child.

If we are successful, the Program will hopefully be scaled in other poor areas in Thailand. See at the bottom of this page, what the Phetchabun Province Governor said about our Zero-to-Hero Program.

If you still have questions about our model, please don't hesitate to contact us. The contact information you have on the "Contact us" -page above.


Our Zero-to-Hero Program in Huana/Phetchabun, Thailand, is based on the Finnish world famous early childhood education concept. Together with Thai experts we are adapting the concept to suit the poor Thai countryside children. Huana is our laboratory. When ready, the model can be applied everywhere in the developing countries.
Development starts from birth. The 3 first month are critical for BRAIN development. The end result should be Healthy Educated Responsible and Open-minded teenagers or as we call them, HEROs, with the skill to THINK and SOLVE PROBLEMS.

Finland has ranked nr. 1 in Early Childhood Education

Read more about a study done by The Economist 

4.0 -child  (HERO)

We try to develop babies to grow to become HEROs (Healthy, Educated, Responsible and Open-minded), young adults with the skill to solve problems, ready for the 21st Century challenges.

Phetchabun Province Governor about Zero-to-Hero

In the below video clip, you first get a picture of what we do. Finally the Phetchabun Province Governor tells, how he sees the Program.
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