We are the Founders of Zero-to-Hero Program

Duangruthai "Jo" Rubinstein was born in the poor Na Yom village. When marring Dan in 2007, she had a wish to do something to secure a better future for the children in her village. She had seen, during many years in Finland, how young Finnish children developed well by play. That is why she asked Dan, who is born in Finland and have an excellent background in Project Management, to help her. The result: A unique Zero-to-Hero Program.

If you want to know more, you find the contact information on the contact page above.

The Board of Directors

MD Dungdao Sriyakun

Deputy Director of Primary helth care service at Phetchaboon Hospital. Leading a team specialized in Early Childhood Development startig from birth.


Kitsanapong Puangtuptim

Village head of Moo 5 in Huana, Phetchabun.

Duangruthai "Jo" Rubinstein

Co-founder of the Zero-to-Herp Program.

Zero-to-Hero; The Dream Team

Our Team devoted to develop children with a good future, is growing. 
From front left: Pi Nen, Dan, Jo, Jeep. Back row from left Oh, Tuk, Mam, John (our guest star from Finland), Ja-oh and Canoon.
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