Our budgeted costs for 2019: 1,1 million baht or 30.000 EUR.

Donations are used 100% to support education for poor Thai village children.

Situation by 03.12.2019:

Estimated costs for 2019     1.126.000 baht
Donations so far                  1.096.000 baht

Loss 2019                                  30.000 baht (1.000 euro)


Our Bank Account:

Zero-to-Hero Foundation          
Bangkok Bank                                                         
102 Khu Muang Rd. Muang                                 
District Phetchabun 67000                                        
Saving Deposit Account 366-4-15568-0                
BIC-code (Swift): BKKBTHBK


Dan Rubinstein
All donations to this account will be sent to Thailand
Thank you
Jo & Dan
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