Baby Club Twins

Out of 20 kids,15 moved in November from Baby Club to our HighScope Kindergarten. New babies started to arrive immediately, among them lovely twins with their smiling grandmother.
While Zero-to-Hero has been involved in developing the Kindergarten, the amount of kids have grown from 38 to 84. Soon we will need a new building again if the growth continues. 

Workshop in March 2020

Jo and Ja-oh negotiating about a 2-day workshop for the 63 Obodjo School teachers to define a future Target State for the School in order to become one of the leading schools in Thailand. We talk about a 5-year process backed up by a EduCluster Finland teacher training program.
The project is huge, that's why the serious facial expressions.
Photo: Dan Rubinstein

Dr. Viriyah 17.1.2020

Dr. Viriyah is the first person in Thailand, who understand what the Value-based society (or Thailand 4.0) really means. It has been a privilege to learn to know him. His blog is read by over million education experts and he sits in the Thai Future School commitee.
Yesterday Dr. Viriah's team visiting us making a video telling, how Zero-to-Hero is doing a unique job to try to modernize a Thai Government School as a model for all others.

Fruits from the Big Farm

We have succeeded to get an agreement that the Big Farm in Phetchabun delivers to our Baby Club and Kindergarten fresh fruits twice a week.
In picture our Ja-oh is receiving one of the deliveries.
Step-by-Step the local companies wake up to find ways to support our Zero-to-Hero program.
2017 donations from Thai people and companies was 0%, 2018 it was 3% of total donations and 2019 already 11%. The original target was 50%. Maybe we will reach it some day.

Christmas and New Year's Party 2020

Each child was giving a present to another kid. Sweet!
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